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When what's around you is as important as what's in front of you!
20/20 Vision Mirror is the revolutionary automobile safety item.
Conventional Mirror View

"20/20 VISION MIRROR". It is a NEW panoramic rear-view mirror. The mirror eliminates all blind spots for added safety. It provides a 300 percent wider angle view than conventional mirrors. It is made of the highest quality optical crystal glass and each mirror is treated with anti-glare photo sensitive advance technology that automatically cuts the annoying glare from headlights to ease night driving.

Easy installation: This mirror securely clips on over the existing rear-view mirror.
Color: Black

Since all vehicles are not created equal, two sizes of
the 20/20 Vision Mirror are available.

Item #01350 (Standard 13") is recommended for use
in compact and small/medium automobiles.

Item #01430 (Large 17") is recommended for use
in mid-size and large automobiles.
Great for vans and trucks too!

20/20 Vision panoramic mirror will also make your night time driving safer and more relaxed. Each mirror is treated with special ANTI-GLARE technology. This method automatically cuts the annoying glare from headlights and surrounding lights, leaving you with a clear crisp range of view. Nighttime driving becomes much easier with the 20/20 Vision mirror. You can see more, clearer and without distracting glare.

Click for larger image
View from the 20/20 Vision Mirror
20/20 Vision mirror viewing area shows an additional 300% view.
Regular mirror - night time glare

20/20 Vision Mirrors are convenient to install too. They securely attach over the existing mirror so they're easy to take with you if you buy another vehicle or use a rental car.

A 20/20 Vision Mirror is not just a rearview mirror. It's a valuable safety item adding clarity and depth to your driving. Any 20/20 Vision Mirror will give you and your family added peace of mind.



Purchase Item # 01350 13" 20/20 Vision Rear View Mirror $24.95

Purchase Item # 01430 17" 20/20 Vision Rear View Mirror $29.95

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20/20 Vision mirror - no glare
You'll be glad you got this !
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