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Introducing the Big Auxiliary Mirror
  Safer Travel Easier Parking        
Eliminates all blind spots
Highly recommended to driving schools
Especially suitable for
Pick-Ups / Trucks / Buses / RVs


"BIG AUXILIARY MIRROR", is a NEW additional Rear-View SIDE Mirror. It provides a secondary angle that can be individually adjusted from conventional side mirrors. The unit is mounted on your ordinary side mirrors (see pictures). The auxiliary mirror assures you safer travel.
You can see much better as all blind spots are eliminated.
The auxiliary mirror assists with parking as it enables you to see the sidewalk clearly.
Hercules Gurkiewics places at your disposal, 50 years of experience in manufacturing mirrors & accessories for vehicles.

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Item 01210

We specialize in the production of non-glare, panoramic rear-view mirrors which afford a field of vision up to 2.5 times wider than regular mirrors. Hercules's mirrors, which incorporate German-produced photo-sensitive crystal optics, darken on bright days thereby considerably reducing glare.

For Installation instructions and measurements click here.
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