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Electro - Door Guard

The Flashing car door guard that introduces a new level of safety.

Every time you open the car door, there is an element of risk involved. The risk is increased in the dark.

Designed to help when you really need it to, the Electro-Guard activates it's self as soon as the car door is opened. Bright red lamps inside the Electro-Guard automatically start flashing (kind of like a strobe light). Your visibility is enhanced, your risk is reduced.

Operation of Electro-Guard could not be simpler. This compact battery-operated flexible unit is easily attached to the car door, No installation required. Electro-Guard also serves as a conventional car door guard that absorbs bumps and knocks.


Item # 3200

-Flashing strobe light can be seen by vehicles aproaching from behind and from the front
-Provides 250 meters (650 ft.) night-time visibility for up to 2 years
-Universal design - Arrowdynamic - fits most car models
-Easiliy replaceable lithium battery

- Small - Arrowdynamic - Affordable - Offers additional safety


- Dimensions: 10 cm x 5.3cm x 2cm (4" x 2" x 3/4")
- Weight: 45g (11/2 oz)
- Visibility: 250m (650 ft)
- Power Source: Lithium Battery CR 2032
- Operating Time: 2 years (average 5 minutes/day)
- Light Source: Super Bright LED
- Flashes: 1-2 times/second
- Temperature: +70ºC-15ºC (158ºF-5ºF)
- Shelf Life: 5 years min.

Purchase the Arrowdynamic Electro Door Guard Strobe Light (RED) Item # 03201 $7.95 each    
Purchase the Arrowdynamic Electro Door Guard Strobe Light (AMBER) Item # 03200 $7.95 each
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