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Introducing the Helmet Brake Light


The Helmet Brake Light System is a new add-on product especially designed for two-wheeled vehicles. The Helmet Brake Light is an additional rear brake light, versatile enough to be installed on a helmet, baggage, top case or even on the rider's back support belt. It has a cordless connection to the bike's own brake light, and operates with it simultaneously whenever the brakes are applied.

Field tests have shown that the existing brake lights alone are not sufficient. In some cases, i.e. dust, mud, or even with certain baggage, the usual motorcycle brake lights do not give other vehicles enough warning of the cyclist's intentions. In addition, unlike cars which have two or even three brake lights, motorcycles depend on only one single rear brake light. If it burns out no other signal is visible. The Helemet Brake Light compensates in these cases. In bikes, as in cars, additional brake lights can dramatically reduce the risk of front/rear collisions. In recognistion of this fact, additional brake lights are fast becoming standard in the USA, Europ and Israel.

The CE, FCC, and Israeli Ministry of Transportation have given their approval of this product.

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